Ignite 2018


This is an event for Adult leaders and High School students from each church to attend an event designed for you in Des Moines at Grace church on Friday and Saturday and then a continuation with our Friends Church leaders gathering at the hotel on the Saturday evening and Sunday morning to connect and debrief from the larger retreat.

March 9-11

Info on Ignite:  http://www.ignite-youth.org

We are in the process of getting a hotel locked up.  We are looking at $130 per room per night.

Scott is going to register as a big group to Ignite for the early bird price of $39 out of the Yearly Meeting Office.  He will need both your number of people attending and money in his hand to register you by Jan 10th. Please be thinking about the number of hotel rooms you will need as well to make sure we have enough reserved.

If you have any questions and to register before Jan 10th, please contact Scott @ 641.673.9717 or by email Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.08.49 AM.


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